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How soon will the attendant arrive before the service time?
1 Hour.
Can I pay a deposit?
Yes. Half of the total amount can be paid as a deposit. However, deposits are non-refundable.
Is there a travel fee?
How much is it?
There is only a travel fee for areas outside of 80 miles from the 25401 zip code.
That travel fee is $60.
Will someone come to set up and break down the booth?
Yes. We are responsible for the set up and break down of our photo booths.
Will there be someone to monitor the booth to ensure its proper use and service?
Yes. Our attendants will monitor the photo booth for the entire duration of it's  rental service.
Do I need to provide any props to be used for the photo booth?
Not necessarily. We provide an assortment of props that we will bring to be used by you or your guest. If you would like to bring a specific prop or props to your event, that is acceptable.
What kind of backdrop colors do you have for your open air booth?
We currently have gold, silver, black, white, and floral backdrops.
Does your enclosed booth change colors?
Yes. Our inflatable booths change 7 different colors and can be set to project one color if requested.


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